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Fourth National Conference on Law and Justice 2016 [NCLJ 2016]
10th and 11th September 2016
Organized & Hosted by
School of Law, AURO University, Surat

Law and the Contemporary Challenges

The Conference aims to promote exchange of knowledge and views of the Educationalist, Jurists, Practising Professionals, Social Activists, and Individuals in area of their interest and relating to social justice and social change. It will provide platform for sharing of knowledge, practices and perspectives from distinct academic communities, professionals and Vocations.

Sub Themes

Research Papers are invited based on the following sub-themes:
1. Gender Sensitivity in the Contemporary Times.
2. Law and Economics.
3. Contemporary Constitutional Challenges.
4. Contemporary Approach to the International Matters.
5. Crime, Criminal Justice System and the Delivery Patterns.
6. Expanding the Horizons of the Human Rights.
7. Challenges to the Corporate Governance.
8. Behavioral Advances and Law.
9. Cyber Jurisprudence.
10. Challenges in…

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