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Justice Balakrishnan’s key messages for law students

Justice Balakrishnan’s key messages for law students were:
  1. Law is an ocean. Each lawyer has to work very hard and there is no alternative to the same. Each area of legal specialization will take decades to learn.
  2. Read lot of court judgments and understand them. As many of the headnotes of reported judgments are incorrect, therefore students should read the full judgments and then write them in their own language. Copy and pasting Judgments will not be helpful.
  3. Keep abreast with latest happenings in law and changes taking place. Law keeps on changing as it is reflection of public opinion. As public opinion changes, so must law and it’s implementation.
  4. Learn the newer kind of laws. With advent of technology, newer regulations will be required for the society and therefore law students should have full grasp on the newer statutes and legal provisions.
  5. He feels that every lawyer should have litigation experience. Whether a student takes up corporate law, Banking Sector or Intellectual Property. Litigation experience gives a broad perspective to students in learning how court functions, and also how the legal system of the country works.

Justice Balakrishnan also emphasized that Government should come out with a policy of allowing video recording of important constitutional cases, when senior counsels argue the matter in the court. He also provided an example of Brazil, where Courts video-records all important legal cases and they also have a dedicated TV channel for the same.


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