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The M. K. Nambyar SAARC Law Journalwas launched originally as a flagship of the M K Nambyar SAARC LAW Centre in 2010. Over its short span of publication the fledgling periodical has grown into a full-fledged Journal with ISSN (No.2346-8646) accreditation and peer reviewed journal. The Journal has not only sustained its periodicity as a bi-annual publication, but over the years it has matured in quality and readership, and commits to enrich its scholarship from issue to issue in the years ahead. A notable feature of the Journal is that it stands out as the only publication focussed on the legal issues of concern and contemporary relevance to the SAARC region and its eight member countries though there are several other journals which debate a multitude of regional issues, political, economic, cultural, inter-state and other.

The Journal has adopted an inclusive approach by encouraging well researched…

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