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Call for Papers, Critical Issues in Eastern and Western Philosophy, 19th December 2016, Nepal Academy Hall, Kathmandu,

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The  Department of Philosophy at the Nepal Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal, together with  the  Department  of Philosophy at  the  University  of Malta, Malta are collaborating by organizing a conference at the Nepal Academy on issues that are pertinent to the Eastern and Western philosophical traditions.

Philosophy, as a discipline with its own distinct territory, is undergoing a current revival of interest that  is encouraging to practitioners of the subject. The questions that philosophers of both traditions are engaging with appeal, not only to academic professionals, but also to a broader public that thirsts for a greater degree of understanding of issues  that are central to their lives.

To this end, a call for papers is being issued for those who are interested  in presenting  a 20-minute paper (3,000 words max.).

Speakers are invited to discuss any theme related to:

• Metaphysics

Philosophy of Technology

• Ethics

• Philosophy of Communication

• Political Philosophy

• Philosophy of Computer Games

• Comparative Philosophy

• Philosophy of Art

Those interested in participating are asked to submit an abstract…

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