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7 Day National Workshop on Research Methodology and Statistics

Philosophy News in India

7 Day National Workshop on
Research Methodology and Statistics
(17 -23 October, 2016)
Dear Madam/Sir,
Keeping in view the necessity and importance of research methodology, this
workshop has been organized by the School of Education, Jaipur National
University (JNU), from October 17-23, 2016 for the research scholars, Young
teachers and M.Ed. students who are pursuing their research activities at
different institutional under the esteemed guidance of Prof. D.N. Sansanwal.
The workshop will help the participants to acquaint themselves with the
modern trends of research methodology which will help in the orientation
outlook in the right direction. The workshop will provide promotional and
learning platform. Teachers and researchers would explore and analyze their
own educational practices systematically and effectively use these
techniques in their classroom teaching. The workshop will focus particularly
on Research Methodologies and use of statistics in analysing the data and
interpretation of results. All the participants will be…

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