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Call for Papers: International Journal of Law and Management Studies (IJLMS)

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Main Theme

The Editorial Board has decided that the main theme for the Sixth Edition of the Journal shall be the Nature & Growth of Competition Law in India and scope for improvement through a Comparative Analysis of the Competition Law regime in different countries. Competition Law plays an integral role in the growth of an economy and is instrumental in ensuring prevalence of competitive spirit in the business world and the economy as a whole.

The journals’ scope of publication is not limited to the main theme and also includes the following ancillary themes

  • Commercial/Business Laws
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Competition Laws
  • Cyber Laws & Social Media
  • Contractual Laws, Sale of Goods & Property Laws
  • Constitutional Laws & Interaction with Businesses
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • Any area of management where the nexus is established with law.

Last Date for Submission

The final date of submission is December…

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