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Call for Applications: Avantha Governance Fellowship 2017-19

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Avantha Foundation

 Avantha Foundation came into existence in 2010 with the objective of improving the quality of life of communities across the country by addressing issues of national concern through pioneering development initiatives.  The foundation seeks to bring about systemic changes within identified issues by supporting long term strategic interventions and by encouraging multi-sectoral partnerships.

It partners with a broad range of stakeholders including government and non-government organisations as well as multilateral agencies to implement programs and create outcomes that lead to policy changes in favour of communities in need.

The foundation currently addresses the following three critical areas of need:

 Improving Child Nutrition In Indigenous And Tribal Communities.
Treatment, Care And Support To People Living With HIV.
Building Capacities To Improve Governance In Small & Medium Towns.

Governance Program

The Foundation promotes democratic governance fortified with citizen participation, innovative processes and pioneering urban service delivery. The Foundation believes that…

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