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Call for Papers: Arbit|Ratio Journal on Law and Practice of Arbitration

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About the Journal

Arbit|Ratio pleased to announce a forthcoming Arbit|Ratio Journal on Law and Practice of Arbitration special issue on “Resolve in India”.

The Government of India, in the year 2016 has taken major steps towards creating a progressive temper for Arbitration in India.

Amendments to its parent domestic legislation, a global conference by government’s think tank (‘Niti Aayog’) and most recently constitution of a high level committee to foster institutional Arbitration in India are few landmark steps which most certainly would change how Arbitration is practiced in India.

Considering the strategic geographical location of India, continuous connotations regarding liberalization of Legal Market, and regular updates on allowing 100% FDI (via automatic route); Government’s vision can no more be termed utopian and India appears to be ready to hold the baton of International Arbitration.

On the flip side, there exist views that India needs “Cultural Sea Change” to…

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