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Call for Papers: Jurisedge 1st National Article Writing Competition

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In recent years, there has been a sustained focus on the role played by the higher Indian Judiciary in devising and monitoring the implementation of measures for pollution control, conservation of forests and wildlife protection. Therefore, the topic for this year’s Article Writing Competition is “Indian Judiciary and Environmental law”.

The theme is broad in nature; hence, the participants may take up any Topic/Trend/Issue/Development covered under the purview of the Theme.

We would like to invite students and professionals to express their valuable viewpoints, by participating in the competition.

Deadline for registration: 8th January, 2017.

Deadline for submission: 2nd March, 2016.


Any student pursuing any undergraduate, postgraduate or professional course in any recognized University/College in India.


  • The Article must be written in English.
  • Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification.
  • Co-authorship is restricted to two participants.
  • The article shall not be plagiarized. Only the original…

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