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Call for Papers: Jusprudentia International Law Journal

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About the Journal : 

Jusprudentia International Law Journal (JILJ) aims to focus on legal issues currently being debated. In order for this objective to be fulfilled, the Board of Editors of JILJ welcomes submission of original articles, case comments, book reviews on the aforesaid lines.
The Jusprudentia international Law Journal (JILJ) is a peer reviewed Journal of Jusprudentia, an organization working for the development of legal studies and research. It strives to achieve high level of legal scholarship and research. The Advisory Council consists of His Excellency Shri Kishri Nath Tripathi (Honourable Governor West
Bengal), Ms. Sanyukta Singh, Mr. Ashish Mishra, Mr. Mohit Mishra, Mr. Chandan Sharma, Mr. Vikas Swaroop (Spokesperson , Ministry of External Affairs), Mr. Vijay Bahadur singh (Advocate-General U.P) and Justice M.C.Tripathi.

The JILJ is coming up with its First issue in April, 2017. The last date of paper submissions is 20th February, 2017.

We welcome…

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