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Call for Papers: ‘The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies’ (ISSN 2321 – 9203), Submit by 25th January, 2017

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The IJHSS‘ is a monthly peer reviewed international journal of humanities & social science.The acronym ‘The IJHSS’ stands for ‘The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies’ (ISSN  2321 – 9203) and ascends a maiden flight across the globe as an academic Journal, distinctive in its experimental area. This is inclusive of a broad spectrum of leading schools of thoughts and its derivatives and interdisciplinary. ‘The IJHSS’ is independent of its kind that inspires up-to-date research endeavour from research territory, latest deliberation, artistic trend, cultural nuances. We encourage all categories of learners and learned from different areas of literary and social studies for a cross cultural exploration and subsequent innovation of subjects concerned.


– ISSN 2321 – 9203

Impact Factor: 0.981 (IIFS)

– Publisher: Globeedu Group (ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

– Area/Scope: Humanities & Social Science

– Frequency: Monthly

– Language: English

– Review Process: Double Blinded


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