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‘Tasveer’@ 3rd National Cultural- cum- Sports fest –VIBES’17, Institute of Law, Nirma University

Knowledge Steez

Main theme- Travel…
A. मुसाफ़िर’-
The theme attracts photography of a level of creativity and art, where the photograph will not merely be a picture but a narrative of what the person felt during his travelling. What all did he explored as a traveler, what mesmerized him as a traveler.
The picture must be accompanied with a caption (one line or a poetry, as per the creativity. But it is to be noted that the caption must be able to justify and relate itself with the photograph). 
B. ‘इक शहर कुछ ऐसा भी’-
This theme includes the narratives of a city (your hometown/ or any other city). The photograph may summarize the life in the city (of which you have clicked the photograph.  This too is wide category as a lot is there in every city in India, the communal diversity, nature, Rivers, beaches, lanes, monuments…

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