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thAbout the University:

Parul University, Faculty of Law, offers advance knowledge of Law and endeavors to disseminate learning of law and legal practices among the people at large, playing an active role in national development. It aims to make law and legal processes efcient instruments of social development. A rapidly growing global legal market in legal services and access to unlimited information has changed the structure of the legal profession in India as well. To meet this requirement of global market, a new and totally innovative legal thinking is required. With this object in mind, Parul University has introduced Faculty of Law to promote inter-disciplinary study of law in relation to Management,Arts and Commerce. Offering 5 years integrated programs such as B.B.A LLB / B.A LLB / B. Com. LLB. after 10+2 qualication. We aspire to produce several eminent service oriented lawyers and judges to serve our nation. Faculty of…

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