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Call for Proposals for Special Thematic Issues: Business and Human Rights Journal

Knowledge Steez


The Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ) welcomes proposals for special thematic issues – a collection of articles focused on a specific theme, issue or major event in the broad field of business and human rights.

If accepted, a thematic proposal may comprise an entire issue of the BHRJ, or a significant segment of an issue, alongside other articles. Thematic special issues may include scholarly articles, developments in the field (DiF) pieces, or a combination of both types of writings. BHRJ aims to publish its first special thematic issue in January 2019. BHRJ will accept proposals for a special issue on a rolling basis. However, the deadline for proposals for the first special thematic issue is 28 February 2017. Special issues allow for the publication of thematic collections of articles and/or DiF pieces curated by one or more Guest Editors (GEs). The BHRJ is interested in proposals that contemplate closely-connected…

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