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Call for article@socio legal review

The theme for 2017 volume is Crime and Society.

Knowledge Steez

The Socio-Legal Review welcomes submissions on a rolling basis.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. All contributions submitted to the Journal should be original and should not be simultaneously being considered for publication elsewhere.
  2. A submission is welcome as long as it fits within the general mandate of the Journal, as described on the Home page. It may alternatively be considered for publication in the themed issue should it fit the theme decided for that year.
    1. Contributions should be mailedonlyin a soft copy, the subject of the mail being ‘Submission for Socio-Legal Review’. Biographical information is to be provided in a removable title page.
    2. The Journal acceptscontributions for Articles and Short Articles. With reference toArticles,contributions should not ordinarily exceed 8000 words. With reference toShort Articles, contributions should not ordinarily exceed 5000 words. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject without…

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