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Call For Papers @ CFP: Radical Americas Journal Special Issue On Radical American Periodicals

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TheNetwork of American Periodical Studies, in collaboration with UCL Press journalRadical Americas, invites submissions for a special issue focusing on Radical American periodicals.

In an early issue of New Left magazineRadical America, (a product of the campus-based 1960s movement Students for a Democratic Society)the editors outlined their aim to educate readers ‘about the radical traditions of this country’, to provide a ‘forum for students of American radicalism’, and to break down the barriers between the ‘activist’ and the ‘intellectual’. In doing so, Radical America refashioned a blueprint for American periodical radicalism that had been passed down by activists and editors for generations. As oppositional outlets for expressions of political, cultural, or social dissent, radical American periodicals have played a vital role as a forum for radical debate, and a challenge to mainstream understandings of American democracy, citizenship, and community. Yet what makes a…

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