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Call for Papers: Chapters in the Book “Social Issues in the contemporary India”

Knowledge Steez

Articles and Research Papers are invited for publishing as chapters in the book on the following topics:

  • Issues related to Communal harmony in India
  • Caste system and its relevance in modern times
  • Issues related to women: Gender discrimination, Dowry, Female Foeticide, Female Infanticide, Domestic Violence etc.
  • Issues due to unplanned Development
  • Issues related to Elderly
  • Youth unrest and issues of Unemployment
  • Substance Abuse/ Addiction
  • Poverty
  • Problems and issues related to Children
  • Any topic which is relevant to the theme.

About the Author

Reetu Sharma Asstt. Prof. in Sociology S.B.S.B.M. University College, Sardulgarh. Mansa.


Manuscript must be in English prepared on a standard A4 size paper setting. It should be typed in 12 point, with a 1.5 space and single column with 1″ margin set for top, bottom, left and right. The page numbers should be at the bottom and centre of the every page. Every article should carry…

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