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Call for Papers: DROIT PENALE: Indian Law Journal on Crime & Crimnology, Vol:1, Issue:2

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The term Droit Penale literally means criminal law. It has a French origin and deals with the various facets of crime and criminology. As a huge field of academic study, Criminology tends to cover criminal law and jurisprudence apart from dealing with crimes and criminal and socially deviant behavior of criminals. It is the scientific study of crime including its causes, responses by law enforcement and methods of prevention.

While Criminal law mainly focuses on the punishments coupled or labeled with such a criminal behavior. The ILJCC, a student-friendly law journal, has emerged bearing the idea to capitulate an exhaustive approach towards all these fields. It aims at providing a detailed analysis and assimilation of various issues on a single rostrum contrary to the concept of dealing with fields of criminal law and criminology separately.

Further, the journal also features the works, opinions, and viewpoints of the greatest…

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