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Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy & Research is delighted to invite scholastic submissions for its fortnightly online publication, Lex Terra- enviro-legal news and views (ISSN 2455-0965):-

 Short articles (2500 words);

 Enviro-Legislative analysis (1000 words);

 Enviro-Legal news & views (1000 words);

 Enviro-judgment analysis (1000-1500 words)

for its 13th and following issues. We eagerly look forward to scholastic submissions and sincerely hope that this shall be a stepping stone in facilitating better and greater ideas for the care of environment.

About Lex Terra- The power and capacity vested within humankind to alter the course of nature has not been channelized in a productive manner and through this platform, we seek to achieve this very status quo which we tend to lose sight of. Lex Terra is an initiative by a group of dedicated B.A.LL.B (Hons) Environmental Law students under the able guidance, leadership, and supervision of our Vice…

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