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Call For Papers: NLU Odisha on Human Right Law Journal

Knowledge Steez

About the Journal

We are pleased to invite your contributions for the 2nd Issue of “Human Rights Law Journal” in the form of articles, case comments, legislative comments and book reviews. The journal aims to focus on the contemporary developments in the human rights field and is keen on developing serious academic legal writing. The purpose of this issue of the journal is to provide our readers with information on recent developments affecting specific prejudices and bias faced by marginalised people not faced by other sections of society.


The 2nd issue of our Human Rights Law Journal will focus on the three dominant discourses on the human rights of marginalised people-

1.Gender Justice and Human Rights

2.Human Rights of Tribals and Indigenous People

3.Human Rights and Racial Discrimination

Authors may refer to the sub-themes provided in the notification.

Guidelines pertaining to the Structure of the Journal

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