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Call For LEX TERRA-ENVIRO-LEGAL NEWS AND VIEWS (ISSN 2455-0965) @ Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy and Research  (CELAR) NLU, ASSAM

Knowledge Steez

Centre for Environmental law, Advocacy and Research is delighted to invite scholastic submissions for its fortnightly online publication, LEX TERRA-ENVIRO-LEGAL NEWS AND VIEWS (ISSN 2455-0965):-

  • Short articles (2500 words)
  • Enviro- Legislative analysis (1000 words)
  • Enviro- legal news and views (1000 words)
  • Enviro- judgement analysis (1000-1500 words)

For its 13th and following issues, we eagerly look forward to scholastic submissions and sincerely hope that this shall be a stepping stone in facilitating better and greater ideas for the care of environment.

This fortnightly publication is an attempt to enhance the awareness of the society with regard to several contemporary enviro-legal issues.

The prime motto of CELAR is to create an enviro-legally informed and conscious populace.

Hence, we invite to all those reflective thinkers out there to use their own and join us in our pious drive to attain the aforementioned motto.

Submissions can be mailed at –

by 10th and…

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