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 Call for Papers: International Journal of Law & Management Studies, Volume II Issue II (June 2017)

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> Journal of Law and Management Studies (IJLMS), bearing theISSN Number 2455-2771, is a peer-reviewed bi-monthly journalwhich revolves around the issues relating to the widespheres of law and management and the close nexus betweenthe two. It is an open-access, online journal forenhancement of research. It aims to provide a highlyreadable and valuable addition to the literature which willserve as an indispensable reference tool for years to come.
The coverage of the journal includes all new theoretical andexperimental findings in the fields of law. The journal alsoencourages the submission of critical review articlescovering advances in recent research.IJLMSis indexed in ROAD (ISSN), IIJIF, SIS, Directory of ResearchJournals Indexing & I2OR Indexing Services.Scopeof the JournalThescope of the Journal shall extend to all such areas and lawswhich directly and indirectly have a nexus with managementand related…

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