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Call for Papers: National Seminar on “The Concepts of Nation and Nationalism in the thoughts of Shri M.S. Golwalkar”

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The present seminar aims at putting the views of Shri M.S. Golwalkar (Guruji) in proper perspective since he has been much misunderstood and maligned by his adversaries. Shri Golwalkar was a champion of robust nationalism. His views on nation and nationalism are to be understood in proper context in a holistic way and in the light of present day Indian and global scenario.

With the demise of communist ideology and capitalist global theory and revival of the spirit of nationalism it is needed to ponder what is nation and nationalism in modern context. In this respect the ideas of Shri Golwalkar are worth visiting.

One of the major thrust of his views was rejection of communist-socialist-capitalist ideology and revival of ancient Indian ideas and ideals which are not antagonistic to universal well-being, though they are full of patriotic fervour.

There has been a fierce debate in the west as to…

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