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Call for Articles: Black Feathers Magazine

Knowledge Steez

To view our previous magazine (Theme: Inspiration and Motivation):

Calling for articles for July Issue. Theme: “CHANGE”

Articles must fall in one of the following categories:

  1. General Category
    • Change wrt India
    • Change wrt World
    • Psychological Change
    • Technological Change
    • Change in Thinking and Emotions
  2. Special Category
    • How Startups are changing India (A Fully Researched Article)
    • An Original Short Story (No Plagiarism)
    • Evolution of Novels (Both Fiction and Non Fiction Included)
    • Why Reading Classics is Mandatory?

Special Points to Notice:

  1. General Category will Earn you 15 points while Special category will earn you 25 points. What are this points? Click Here:
  2. Following are the things that you will recieve:
    • Certificate
    • Black Feathers Wordsmiths Membership
    • Special Post Intorducing you.
  3. Want to become our regular wordsmith, click here to know about what kind of contribution you can make:



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