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Master Certification on Corporate Contracts 

Knowledge Steez

Objectives of Online Course:

After doing this course, you will be able to:

  • quickly and effectively draft legally binding contracts of all kinds.
  • know the differences between Agreement, Contract & MOU; classify different types of contracts, structure a typical corporate contract.
  • practice the art of contract negotiation in a business deal; Follow Do’s and Don’ts during a contract negotiation, effectively use modern day technologies, such as emails, conference calls, share-point, track changes and inserting comments in a contract document.
  • learn how to draft a contract, include recitals & “essential” clauses in a contract, common mistakes in drafting a contract, preparing & sharing the first draft.
  • understand Internet Contracts and Issues relating to Privacy, Terms & Conditions on usage of website, value of E-mails as Contracts, Dos & Dont’s of transacting over the Internet
  • appreciate binding of International Contracts, INCOTERMS2013, Letter of Credit and other methods of International Payments, Bonds and…

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