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Call for Papers: IJLI: Research Article for an Edited Volume (With ISBN) on : Rights: A Socio-Legal Perspective

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International Journal of Legal Insight takes pride to announce that we are the first online law journal in India which has been indexed in 13 internationally recognized indexing platforms which let your manuscripts to be indexed and accessed globally. We believe that authors deserve the best output for their hard-work and therefore they must get the deserved appreciation and value for their creative writing. International Journal of Legal Insight has a high impact factor of 1.6.

The Volume invites submissions in the form of research articles from Academicians, Judges, Advocates, Research Scholars, Students, Human Right Activists, NGOs and other Professionals to all other types and forms of academic writings. It will be published with ISBN by Radha Publications, Present Academic General & Text Books, Publisher 4231/1, Daryaganj, Ansari Road, New Delhi – 110002.(


  1. Rights of Transgender: A Way Forward
  2. Marital Rape: The Victim behind Closed Doors
  3. Surrogacy: Varied Dilemmas
  4. Uniform Civil Code: One…

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