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Call for Papers: Christ University Law Journal [Volume 7 Issue 1]: Submit by Sept 5

Call for Papers: Christ University Law Journal [Volume 7 Issue 1]: Submit by Sept 5


The Journal and Publication Society of School of Law, Christ University, invites submissions for the 12th issue (Volume 7, Issue 1) of the Christ University Law Journal [January – June 2018].

Christ University Law Journal (CULJ), ISSN 2278-4322 is a biannual, peer reviewed, UGC approved journal. We look forward to submissions from members of the Bar, Bench and the academia.

Submissions can be in the form of research articles and case comments.

Submission Guidelines

1. The word limit for various submissions is as follows:

Research Articles – 4000 – 6000 words

Case Comments (latest ones) – 1500 – 2000 words

2. The submission shall be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 175-200 words  along with five relevant key words.

3. All submissions must be sent to and must be attached with a covering letter mentioning the name of the author, occupation, title of the submission, mobile phone number and contact address, for future reference.

4. All submissions should be in 1.5 line spacing, font size 12 (for text) and 14 (for heading) and should follow the Times New Roman style. The method of citation which is expected to be followed is the Harvard Bluebook 20th Edition.

Submission Procedure

All submissions must be sent to


The submissions should reach us on or before September 5th, 2017.

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5th BP Apte Memorial Mock Trial, Moot Court and Judgement Writing Competition [22 – 24 Sept, Mumbai]: Register by Aug 14

5th BP Apte Memorial Mock Trial, Moot Court and Judgement Writing Competition [22 – 24 Sept, Mumbai]: Register by Aug 14

People’s Education Society’s Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law along with Udani Foundation Charitable Trust is proud to present The 5th Annual Adv. B. P. Apte Memorial National Mock Trial, Moot Court and Judgement Writing Competition 2017.


Scheduled from 22 – 24th September, 2017.

This event is hosted in the fond memory of the Late. Sr. Adv. Balwant Parshuram Apte (widely known as Adv. Balasaheb Apte), in order to commemorate his contribution towards the legal fraternity and also to further his dream of attracting law students towards the actual practice of advocacy.

We truly believe that this competition is an attempt to provide the upcoming sharp legal minds in our country with a platform to develop their skills of advocacy and showcase their legal knowledge.

Eminent Judges, lawyers & academicians of the highest standing in India, converge to adjudicate the various rounds of the competition.

We extend a cordial invitation to your esteemed institution to participate in this venerated competition.


People’s Education Society’s Adv. Balasaheb Apte College of Law, Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Criminal & Constitutional.


This competition is open for all bona-fide students (not above 25 years of age) pursuing the LL.B three years or five years course during the current academic year.


Only 24 teams will be registered to participate in the competition on a first-come-first serve basis.

Case Paper Book

Click HERE.

Rules and Regulations

Click HERE.


Student Convenors:

Arjun Kadam: +91 9594567439

Sudhanva Bedekar: +91 9892036693

Email: and

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NALSAR Literary Festival [Aug 5 – 6, Hyderabad]

3rd NALSAR Literary Festival [Aug 5 – 6, Hyderabad]: Registration Open


We are pleased to invite you to the 3rd edition of the NALSAR Literary festival, scheduled for 5th and 6th August, 2017, at our campus in Justice City, Shamirpet, Hyderabad.


The primary aim behind presenting a Literary Festival from a Law School setting is to garner attention towards the Law and Society discourse.


Our first and second editions of the Literary Festival had the opportunity to host numerous eminent speakers, including Siddharth Varadarajan, Urvashi Butalia, Gautam Navlakha, Deepa Dhanraj, Kingshuk Nag, Chinmayi Arun, Amit Chaudhuri as well as slam poetry groups such as the Airplane Poetry Movement and theatre troupes such as Thespian En and The Little Theatre.


This year, the Festival revolves around the theme Crafting Identities within the National Project (discussing questions of identity, nation building, what does it mean to be Indian today, etc.) and has three panel discussions around the themes:

1. Identity and its depictions in the post-colonial setting – What does it mean to belong to a nation?- with Pramod Nayar and Anna Kurian.

2. Modern identity based emancipatory movements and their limits- with Vyjayanthi Vasanta Mogli and Sheeba Aslam Fehmi.

3. The interactions of beauty and sexuality in Indian art, music, literature and media- with Paromita Vohra and Akhil Katyal.

We also have a variety of competitions for people of all ages to participate in, including a Theatre Competition, Spoken Word Poetry Competition and Open Mic Night, Online Creative Writing Competition, Crossword Competition and an Open Literary Quiz.

We also have a Spoken Word Poetry Workshop being conducted by Inkscape and Co. Rules and further details are provided in the document attached herewith.


Click HERE.


Click HERE.

The Literary Festival is an integral part of the NALSAR calendar, and the entire student body is looking forward to the opportunity to interact and network with peers from other universities.

Facebook Page

Click HERE.


Email us at

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Call For Papers: International Dalit Studies Conference : Human Dignity, Equality and Democracy

Knowledge Steez

International Dalit Studies Conference

Human Dignity, Equality and Democracy

The rise of Dalit studies has provided the necessary platform for a new set of scholarly enquiries in the social sciences and humanities. The earlier Dalit Studies International conference (2008), held in the University of Pennsylvania, was an attempt to bring together academics and intellectuals for a productive conversation on new research agendas. This initiative resulted in the publication of an edited volume Dalit Studies (2016). We plan to continue to explore caste inequality, human dignity, democracy and similar concerns to further reflect on the possibilities and challenges for Dalit Studies in the proposed conference.

Dalit Studies may be thought of as a new academic practice rooted in resistance to the dominant epistemologies. It has enabled academia to engage with the grounded knowledge creation by the Dalit communities. Innovative approaches have been devised to read the colonial and missionary archives and…

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The light from your smartphone could be causing you serious health problems: via World Economic Forum

The light from your smartphone could be causing you serious health problems

The designers of our smartphones, tablets, and laptop screens have been able to create incredibly powerful lights. These screens glow bright enough to be seen during a sunny day. At night, they’re so strong that they’ve been compared to a “little window” that daylight can peer through.

That’s why looking at your phone at night is a terrible idea.

Our bodies naturally follow a cycle that allows us to stay awake and alert during the day and helps us get essential rest at night. But when we look at these screens as we’re getting ready to sleep, our brains get confused. Bright light can make the brain think it’s time to stop producing melatonin, a hormone that gives your body “time to sleep” cues.

By disrupting melatonin production, smartphone light can disrupt your sleep cycle, almost like an artificially induced jet lag. That makes it harder to fall and stay asleep — which could lead to serious health problems.

Image: Business Insider

To combat this problem, app designers have created programs like f.lux and Apple’s Night Shift mode, which adjust the light tones emitted by screens at certain times of day to remove bright blue light from the display. Many users say the orange tint these apps give feels less harsh on the eyes. But while some research indicates that dimmer light may improve sleep, more study is needed on the topic.

Even if such changes do prove to be helpful, experts say that many other things we do with our phones are also not conducive to sleep. If you’re trying to get ready for bed and a late night work email pops up, that might wreck your sleep even more than shutting down your melatonin production.


If you can bring yourself to do it, your best bet is to steer clear of screens before you fall asleep. At the very least, try to keep them out of your bed.

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The Supreme Court’s Criminal Defamation Judgment: Glaringly Flawed

Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy

In a judgment delivered today, a two judge bench of the Supreme Court rejected the constitutional challenge to criminal defamation, and upheld the validity of Sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code. The opinion was written by Justice Dipak Misra. In this post, I shall discuss the judgment which, unfortunately, commits several glaring errors. Before that, however, let us briefly recall the case against criminal defamation. Article 19(2) of the Constitution permits “reasonable restrictions” upon the freedom of speech, “in the interests of… defamation.” Article 19(2) is silent about whether “defamation” includes both civil and criminal defamation. The word “reasonable”, according to the judgments of the Supreme Courts, requires a relationship of proportionality between the degree to which free speech is infringed, and the corresponding interest at stake. In its public order cases, for instance, the Supreme Court has held that “reasonable” restrictions upon…

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Harvard Model United Nations India in Hyderabad

MUNCafé's photo.

HMUN India 2017


We’re back with the 7th session of the Harvard Model United Nations India! HMUN India is the leading experiential educational event in Asia, comprising high-energy simulation of the UN, with discussions chaired by accomplished members of the Harvard International Relations Council, engaging speaker series, career workshops and vibrant social events.

HMUN India 2017 will be held in the iconic Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad from August 12 – 15, 2017.

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Moot Problem for 10th GNLU International Moot Court Competition 2018 released

Moot Problem for 10th GNLU International Moot Court Competition 2018 released

The Moot Problem for the 10th Edition of the GNLU International Moot Court Competition 2018 has been released. The same can be found below along with the Schedule for the Competition, Rules of the Competition and the Registration Form.
Click here for more details.
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Call for Papers: IPR, Access to Seeds & Farmer’s Rights @ Cochin University [Jan 18-20, 2018]: Submit by Aug 15

Call for Papers: IPR, Access to Seeds & Farmer’s Rights @ Cochin University [Jan 18-20, 2018]: Submit by Aug 15

ipr co

The Inter University Center for IPR Studies, Cochin University, is organizing the 5th Annual Workshop on “Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights” on the theme “IPR, Access to Seeds and Farmer’s Rights”.

Rethinking IPR is an annual National Level Workshop for Law students and students of other disciplines interested in IP research (undergraduate, post graduate and research scholars).

Objective of the Workshop

It is organized by the IUCIPRS, CUSAT to initiate critical thinking regarding the role of Intellectual Property Rights in a social context. The pedagogical practice existing among the Law Schools in India predominantly approaches IP from a commercial angle, often ignoring the social implication of IP.

The main objective of Intellectual Property law is to maintain a correct balance between protection of IP and providing access to the public to the modern technology and its benefits.


Law students and students of other disciplines interested in this area (undergraduate, post graduate and research scholars) willing to prepare a paper on any of the sub-themes could apply.


  • Intellectual Property and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Impact of Patents on Agriculture
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Plant Variety Protection
  • Impact of TRIPS Agreement on Seeds
  • Patents and Protection of Plant Varieties and Sustainable Agriculture- Indian Perspective
  • Geographical Indications and Agriculture

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Each student is allowed to register by sending an abstract (maximum 300 words) on one or two sub-themes on or before 15th August 2017. Based on the title and abstracts submitted by the students as approved by IUCIPRS, the sub-themes will be allocated to the students. We encourage original single author papers, though joint submissions with a maximum of two authors are also permissible. Selection will be based on the quality of the paper submitted.
  • Step 2: Intimation for the selection of abstracts will be given on or before 25th August 2017.
  • Step 3: The students are further required to sent the full paper by 31st October 2017. Students shall be asked to revise their paper after screening.

Registration Fee

Students are required to register by paying rupees 500. Total number of participants is limited to 35.


Quality Papers will be published in the renowned IP Journals.


  • Co-coordinator: Anjana Girish- 9847063736;      
  • Joint-coordinator: Anson CJ: 9400610461;
  • Student-coordinator: Somalatha Moly TS: 9447320165;
To register, click here.
For more information on the workshop, click here.
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International Youth Forum on Innovation (IYFI) 2017 in Singapore.

Knowledge Steez

About :-

International Youth Forum on Innovation (IYFI) 2017 provides great opportunities for 125 youth around the world to directly deliver their innovative ideas with the support of technological advancement and significantly take a part in the realisation of SGDs 2030. Those innovative ideas will be delivered as well as presented through a competition in IYFI 2017, an international forum for youth which will be held in number 1 Singapore Exhibition and Convention Centre, Suntec Singapore from September 20 to 23 this year. As a result, we certainly hope as all youth gathered here will create a positive impact to the world globally.




  • Round-trip flight tickets to and from Singapore.
  • Accommodation during the event (4 days 3 nights).
  • Registration fee USD 350 (this includes participation fees, meals, and transportation fees during the event in Singapore).
  • Certificate, Program Kit, Official T-Shirt
  • Full Access to World Class Speakers Presentation.

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